Working Together To Enhance Education In Our Community

We Care About The Quality Of Education In Our Town

We are parents, grandparents, educators, business owners, taxpayers, voters and residents of Gilbert. We are stakeholders who have a vested interest in having well funded schools, compensated and talented educators/staff and ensuring that all of our children receive a quality education.  

Educate Gilbert

No Politics In Schools

Regardless of where you stand on the issue--politics has NO place in our schools.  Find out what we are doing to keep our schools free of politics.

No More Walkouts

Is there another walkout or school closure on the horizon?  Learn more about the walkout last April and what you can do if it happens again.

Get The Facts

Check out the unbiased data about our schools. Decide for yourself where you stand and what you want to stand up for when it comes to education in Gilbert.

Learn The Truth About Invest In Ed

Invest In Ed Act

Is taxing the rich really the answer to our education crisis?  We don't think so.  It will catapult Arizona to one of the nation's highest tax rates and it won't just impact the rich.  It will drive away business, stunt economic growth and leaves students last on the list to reap any benefits. There are two sides to this story. Read ours along with the actual proposition so you can make an informed decision.