What We Believe


Teachers and support staff should be paid competitively to help retain and attract the best talent in our schools. Raises should be merit/experience based.


Our district should be financially transparent to ensure fiscal responsibility, sustainability and efficient operations. We will make education data easily accessible to the public. 


Parents are the primary educators of our children and should have the freedom to decide what type of education is best for them whether it be public, private, charter or home school. All students should be eligible for education funding whatever education path they select.  


Our schools should be nonpartisan. Politics need to be left out of our schools and classrooms. Indoctrination does not belong in schools. Our students should be taught how to think, not what to think.


Parents should have ample opportunity to be active in the education process at the district and school levels. We encourage parents to be involved.


Our schools should be be safe, secure environments for staff and students. School safety needs to be an ongoing priority that is proactive, not reactive.

Our Education Crisis


There is no doubt our schools have been neglected and have not received the funding they need for competitive teacher/staff salaries, classroom supplies, school programs, special education needs, technology and more. Something needs to be done and we are committed to helping to find a solution. We didn’t agree with a walkout and having our schools close for six days after the legislature had already committed to funding for teacher raises. It brought our education crisis to the forefront and awakened many people. We started to ask questions, research the leadership behind the walkout and speak out on our beliefs. Those who have disagreed with the walkout were quickly treated like the minority and have been subject to name calling, social media bullying and much more. 

What should be a united front to help solve our education crisis has turned into a political war and created a divide between teachers, parents, taxpayers and more. Our schools and classrooms do not need to be battlegrounds and we will fight to keep them nonpartisan for the benefit of our children. 

There is still more to be done for education in our community and people may disagree with what or who should be funded and where that money should come from and that’s okay. Everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard but we need to do so civilly and without involving our children or disrupting their right to an education. We believe throwing more money at the problem like the proposed Invest In Ed Act is not the answer. We want to hold our legislature accountable for funding our schools, ensure that the money is being spent wisely by our district and school board and prevent any future school disruptions because our children deserve more.