Learn The Truth About Invest In Education


Education groups such as RedForEd spent the summer collecting signatures for the “Invest In Education” Act which is set to be a proposition for the November ballot.  It may be the only proposition out there to fund education but that doesn’t mean it’s the right one. This proposition would give Arizona its largest permanent tax increase ever, the 5th highest in the nation. It not only affects the rich as it claims, it impacts small businesses and entrepreneurs. If passed it will drive away business, stunt job growth and derail Arizona’s economic recovery. This bill is all about teacher and staff raises and leaves very little on the table for our students and classrooms.  It was drafted by special interest groups and unions and turns securing revenue for our schools into a straight out political battle that is extending into our classrooms. Our students deserve better. Our classrooms deserve better. Our educators deserve better….but Invest In Ed is not the answer.

Invest In Ed Act-- What It Proposes


Increases Personal Income Tax Rates 

4.54% to 8% for individuals who earn $250k+ & household incomes $500k+ 

4.54% to 9% for individuals who earn $500k+ & household incomes $1 million+


40% To Teacher Compensation Increases  

20% To Teacher Base Salary Increases  

40% To Maintenance and Operations  

(see definition below) 

Other Proposition Items To Note

  • Expects to raise $690 million annually which will be deposited into the Classroom Site Fund.
  • All Funds Lead To Compensation Raises--Maintenance and operations is defined as "class size reduction, teacher compensation increases, assessment intervention programs, teacher development, dropout prevention programs, teacher liability insurance premiums, student support services personnel compensation increases and full day kindergarten."
  • Widens Definition Of A Teacher--Teacher is defined as “any non-administrative personnel who teaches students or supports student academic achievement as defined by the school district governing board or charter school governing body including but not limited to nurses, counselors, social workers, psychologists, speech pathologists, librarians and academic interventionists."
  • Widens Definition of Support Staff --Student support services personnel is defined as "any non-administrative school personnel who provide student support and instructional support services as defined by the school district governing board or charter school governing body including but not limited to student food service, student transportation and school site plant operations."

Read The Actual Proposition

The Truth About Invest In Ed

Largest Tax Increase EVER

The proposed tax increases would give Arizona the 5th highest income tax rate in the nation, trailing only California, Hawaii, Oregon and Minnesota. It permanently locks in Arizona’s income tax rates, meaning they will never be able to go down again unless a new proposition goes to the ballot and is passed by voters.

Not Just For The Rich

The proposed tax increases are not just for the “rich.” Small business owners and entreprenuers pay their taxes through the individual tax code and will be impacted. By targeting special income tax brackets and groups, this proposition also ignores the collective responsibility of all Arizonans to pay for our schools. 

Drives Away Business

Businesses and individuals favor states with no or lower income taxes. If passed, entreprenuers, high earners and employers will take their jobs and investments elsewhere. If passed, it will also derail Arizona’s economic recovery.

Ignores Students & Classroom Needs

Remember that 60% of the funds generated will go right to teacher salaries, even after many school districts already gave teachers double digit raises. The other 40% goes to maintenance and operations which can include “teacher compensation increases.” What does that leave for our students and classrooms?  Plus the plan expands the definition of “teacher” which could dilute raises and ensure even less funding to the classroom.

Special Interest Backed

This proposition was drafted by radical special interest groups and labor unions. Some movement leaders have been identified as planted activists with socialist leanings and a radical agenda to derail Gov. Ducey’s re-election bid. Regardless, securing revenue for our schools should be a nonpartisan effort and this bill turns it into a partisan battle.

Get Informed

In November you make the decision. Is Invest In Education the right decision for Arizona and for our education system?

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